Lipoprotein Management in ACS: Improving Outcomes in Patients with Complex Lipid Disorders

Live Program Materials for Speakers and Administrators

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Audio Orientation

Thank you for joining us as an expert speaker for this program on "Lipoprotein Management in ACS; Improving Outcomes in Patients with Complex Lipid Disorders." This orientation will familiarize you with the complete slide set, provide insight from the program steering committee, and address potential questions. During the audio lecture, Michael Miller, MD, FACC, FAHA will discuss the following key topics:

  • Residual CVD Risk in Dyslipidemic Patients
  • Existing Treatments for Increasing HDL to Reduce CVD Risk
  • CETP Inhibition: New Target for Increasing HDL

Audio download of Speaker Orientation

Audio Download

CME-certified Program Slides

This version of the program slides has been CME-certified and these slides are to be used for the activity and when following along the above audio orientation. Download PowerPoint