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Audio Orientation

Thank you for joining us as an expert speaker for the 2012 CME-certified symposia series, "CVD Risk Reduction and Lipid Management: State of the Science in HDL Therapy." This orientation will familiarize you with the complete slide set, provide insight from the program steering committee, and address potential questions. During the audio orientation, the following key topics will be discussed:

  • Examination of the extent of residual CVD risk that continues to burden dyslipidemic ACS patients despite intensive statin treatment
    • Coronary artery disease remains a major cause of death/morbidity in the US
    • Early studies showing benefits of LDL reduction
    • ATPIII guidelines recommend statins to reduce LDL as primary lipid target
    • Considerable residual CHD risk (~60%) despite even intense statin treatment
    • HDL raising therapy is an important option for reducing CHD risk
  • Understanding HDL metabolism and functionality in the setting of ACS
  • Compare the relative effectiveness of existing treatments to raise HDL and reduce CVD risk
    • Inverse link between HDL levels and adverse CV events
    • Most existing HDL-elevating treatments only exert modest to moderate effects on HDL
  • Explain the rationale for developing CETP inhibitors to increase HDL and reduce CVD risk, and discuss accruing clinical data on this drug class
    • CETP: evidence suggests that CETP is overall pro-atherogenic
    • Torcetrapib: Prototype CETP inhibitor
    • Newer CETP inhibitors currently in development
  • Discuss how the modulation of complex cholesterol metabolism could have an impact on atherogenesis and improve clinical outcomes
    • HDL has cardioprotective qualities
    • HDL particles consist of very heterogeneous subpopulations

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Lecture Slides

Use these slides when following along the audio orientation. Download (PDF) (Coming Soon)

CME-certified Program Slides

This version of the program slides has been CME-certified and should be used by speakers for the live symposia.
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